Artimex Trading Company has a high standard of quality for offering export services around the world with high level of international standards. The company provides electrical inquiries with trustworthy attitude and dedicated professional service. Artimex trading cooperates with ABB and SIEMENS companies worldwide.


Artimex Trading Company, with its headquarters located in Milan, Italy focuses on electrical supply and provides the inquiries of costumers originated from Italy. It is one of the biggest and well-known export trading companies in Italy for its accuracy and high standards.

Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of electrical export services. We are committed to help and provide necessary electrical products for organizations and companies worldwide.

We have strong network all over the world and offer best price and service internationally. We constantly upgrade our skills and invest in technology to make export trading rapid and secure in order to ensure customer satisfaction.


We realize that our clients have specific requirements with regards to their inquiries and requirements. We therefore spend considerable time to consult ABB and SIEMENS companies individually to fulfil the expectations of our clients. Thus our client’s profit is our main consideration and focus. Let our Company be your business partner.

We have the resources & the expertise to help you compete more effectively. Giving us an opportunity to serve you would definitely be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship.



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